We provide advanced skate blade treatment utilizing a proprietary method available only at Edgehogs. The sharpening and contouring applied to the blade are the results of the information and data gathered during the examination then translated through physics, geometry and material technologies. Besides, there are personal preferences and financial considerations involved. We can provide the analysis and will find the right service for you and your blades. 

Sharpening Process
The utilization of our technologies and processes improve all levels of blade treatments, from the professional level right down to the basic sharpening. We provide the highest quality and precision blade treatment available anywhere, giving the skating athlete that “competitive edge” needed to succeed. 

Sharpening Cycle
Well maintained skates are a key factor for success! It is crucial that skates are sharpened before they get dull. Avoid the yo-yo effect of sharp edges/dull edges sharpening cycle. Not every skaters sharpening cycle will be the same. Some of the factors that will affect that cycle are things such as the use of blade guards, ice and rink conditions.
With skates that are always sharp and properly maintained, you will gain confidence and develop skills faster. 

Our first piece of advice, use blade guards at all time when off-ice, even when walking to and from the dressing room. Nothing will protect the sharpness of your skates longer. Our second is to establish a skate sharpening regiment that is appropriate for you to avoid the yo-yo effect.

Sharper is Better

Not really. Too sharp often means that your edge is going to lead some of your movements. In retrospect, a weaker sharpening will give you the ability to control your edges better. We can provide you an analysis based on science and experience which will help to make the best selection.  

Selecting your FBV sharpening
This sharpening style is for skaters seeking for more speed, agility, edge control and performance.

Selecting your ROH sharpening
This sharpening is for skaters who like to rely on more grip and the old proven style. Also required for those with thin blades. 

Ice Contact – The best of both worlds
Besides talent, skater performance is tied to the following factors:

  • selected sharpening 
  • selected contour
  • blade and skate selection
  • skater requirements (goalie, defence, forward, figure skater, …)

In other words, performance is tied to the above factors. However, the selection of blade rocker and sharpening is one of the critical factors to create appropriate ICE CONTACT levels. See example below which describes the relationship between contour and sharpening.

Skater 1: short rocker with deep ROH 

Skater 2: long rocker with shallow sharpening

Both skaters will have about the same ice contact. However, results on the ice will be quite different.

Skater 1 will have a strong tendency for quick feet, high agility, lower speed, more falling and less stability in battle situations.

Skater 2, on the other hand, will develop a longer stride, generates more speed, turns are not as tight but fast, higher stability in battles and we will see less falling.

What is your preference?