Let’s talk about goalie skates, contour, sharpening and blades. It is a very different topic as goalies will need special attention in regards to grip, stability, agility and edge retention. Edgehogs uses unique methods which will help to make that ONE extra save for winning the game.

Depicted to the left is a typical ROH offset sharpening as used for many decades.
Very sharp inside edges (1), less intense outside edges (2)
FBV offset for Goalie blades. Good shuffle pushes with lower resistance. Ideal in combination with toe or heel picks.
Inside (1) and outside (2) edges with the same sharpness but different engagement depth.
4mm Blade - Standard goalie blade for decades. It allows for very sharp offset edges. Ideal for toe and heel picks.

3mm Blade - First introduced by Bauer. ROH edges will be less sharp. Since the blade is thinner there are fewer options for individual cuts such as toe and heel picks. Blade wears out quicker.
Attack Angle
This is one of the most critical performance factors for Goalies.
Key points are:
- Blade height (toe, center and heel)
- Boot design
- The pad should not lift-up skate blade
A low attack angle will allow for proper blade-ice engagement.