Skating is the most critical factor for improving overall skills in ice hockey. By improving sharpening quality using state of the art methods, players can make significant progress in their skating performance. 
Here is what we offer:
ServiceCost Remarks
Single Skate Sharpening10.00
5 Sharpening Punch Card40.00(8.00 each)
10 Sharpening Punch Card70.00(7.00 each)
20 Sharpening Punch Card110.00(5.50 each)
Youth Skate Contouring20.00
Junior and Senior Skate Contouring25.00
Customized Contouring40.00
Personal all inclusive Package250.00
This service includes:
• 1 Skate Check & Lie Marking
• 1 Customized Contouring
• 1 Additional Recontouring
• Blade straightening
• Unlimited sharpening
• Service available from August to March.
Other Products
Edgehogs Blade Pouch15.00
Edgehogs Blade Pouch w Hook18.00
STEP Blades starting at75.00

All Prices in Canadian Dollars
All services and products are pre-paid only
GST included
Last Update: June 15, 2024