We at Edgehogs, have been passionate about ice hockey and skating for many years. Combine that with our engineering background and analytical skills and the result is a more specialized blade service than any other commercial skate sharpening businesses usually offer. 

We recognize that every skater is different and as such, every pair of skate blades need to be treated differently. We use advanced technical tools to determine, with great precision, how the blade should be treated to provide increased performance of the athlete. This individualized approach will make a difference in your skating abilities. 


Equipment and Technologies
Edgehogs uses modified and professional Blackstone® sharpening machines with the new ‘Spinner’ and FBV technology. The Flat Bottom ‘V’ (FBV), is an evolution of the traditional method of sharpening skates. The FBV was introduced in 2009 by Blackstone Sports to coincide with their innovative ‘Spinner’ dressing system. The Flat Bottom ‘V’ (FBV), available only with the Blackstone ‘Spinner System’, offers the skater the ability to have both speed and agility. A blade sharpened with the FBV has the flatness of a shallow hollow and the edges of a deep hollow (the depth of a 2 inch radius and the bite edges of a ½ inch radius). 

When you combine the right equipment with the passion for skating and the engineering precision of Edgehogs, we are the best sharpening service for every skater.


Our Logo
Our logo represents two things. The maple leaf represents the country of Canada that is first in the world for its passion for hockey and sport on ice. Second, since the owners are from Switzerland, the distinctive Swiss cross is an appropriate symbol representing the world renowned Swiss skill, precision and quality. Both these symbols combine our vision to deliver a passionate and highly professional service for competitive hockey players, figure and recreational skaters. We know we can make a difference for you.


Our Name
The name is a combination between the term Puck Hog and Edge and a wordplay on Hedgehog. Most importantly, it represents our dedication to being the best at one thing, giving you the highest quality and performing edge.